• 2020 Neanderthal intends to be “the other humans” epic poem. It is a cultural display from our not-so distant cousin prior to us, Homo sapiens. It is the dance of shamans and how they reflect the collective consciousness. The action travels between yesterday and today. And supported by dance, live music, theater and video art pays tribute to the beauty of simplicity. It projects the essence of the ancient human beings into the human being of today. Neanderthal is like a visual golden plate carried by the 1977 Voyager probes, bearing images and sounds from the earth launched into space with the hope that another civilization will find them and contact us. Artifacts, drawings, natural sounds, music from Neanderthal legacy are delivered to us. …Who knows whether in 40000 years another future human species different to sapiens will receive and reintepret like we do now with Neanderthal.

    But perhaps that civilization that finds it will be ourselves in forty thousand years. How do we see the civilization that will succeed  to us?


  • 2018 Indala is a dance piece that combines differents languages. Contemporary Dance, Breaking and Circus with a strong visual poetry.

    In the award-winning piece INDALA three dancers combine dance, physical theatre and circus to construct a piece that, by manipulating metal pieces and Cyr wheels, unearths the primitive and contemporary human being.


    INDALA proposes an onstage journey in which the human being is unearthed in their primitive and contemporary forms, the influence of rites in the transmission of social images and how these constitute an instinctive defence of the one’s own self against the unilateral development of intelligence and its antisocial impact.

    Indala contains in his imaginary part of the prehistoric cultural heritage of Iberian Peninsula. The Indala symbol found Los Letreros Cave (Almería) comes to life in this piece, and encompassing Paleolithic art-inspired variations found in prehistoric caves paintings all around the world.


    • First prize in the Urban FACYL International Competition.
    • First prize in the young creators in Madrid  Competition.

"WE EARTH" Estreno en el festival Starlite 2017, Marbella, Spain.

WE EARTH,- Compañía de Dancing for the Millennium Goals

Publicada por Dancing for the Millennium Goals en Jueves, 10 de agosto de 2017



  • 2016 «ABSENS» Physical Theater






Divenire Show


  • 2011 – 2012 El Peso del Alma CO.: Dancer of this company with residence in Teatros del Canal (Madrid). That company is a new concept of show, mixing different disciplines as Chinese pole, Tisu, contemporary dance, hiphop and bboying. VIDEO_1 ; Download Dossier.

  • 2008 CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: Dancer of this great company in Expo Zaragoza Show 2008. VIDEO_1


  • 2005 – 2012 Logela & Circle of Trust: A company that produces «Klonk» and «Papiro…flexia» Breakdance multimedia show, two shows-of   success with over 100 performances by theaters from all over Spain and subsequent South America tour.  VIDEO_1 Web logela

His concern led him also to be important promoter of national and international festivals, founder of international web and founder of the association Break Dance Salamanca, also has worked for large companies such as Redbull and actually is editing a cultural hiphop program in TVE2 «Ritmo Urbano».